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Features: Custom Profiles

Custom Profiles 300x300 Custom Profiles

Unlike traditional support where you wait for emails or do everything over the phone we decided to take a social approach to support.

Why did we do this? Because it adds more value to our customers by allowing them to easily communicate with us and each other.

Within our private social network for our clients you will be able to have your own custom profile. With this comes many useful tools for you to use to your advantage. With these custom profiles you will be able to message other members, use the support forum, join groups to collaborate with others and have your own activity feed in which you can embed videos, photos and comment on other members statuses similar to facebook.

Activity Feed

Localtized Profile 300x204 Custom Profiles

Just like on Facebook and other social networks you will have your very own activity or “wall” where you can share your thoughts, links, photos, and videos. Also you and your friends can comment on each others wall.

Member Inbox

Messages 300x212 Custom Profiles

We decided it would be important to integrate a message box right into the system so you can communicate with others without having to give away your email if you choose. It allows everyone to communicate quickly.

Add Friends

Members 300x171 Custom Profiles

While using our private network you can create your own network of friends to help maximize each others business.

Widget Boxes

widgets 300x210 Custom Profiles

With widgets you have the ability to have a custom homepage for your profile to keep track of the community as a whole.

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