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Features: Fun Community

Localtized Members 300x300 Fun Community

Not only will you get amazing services from Localtized but you will get access to an amazing community. This community is geared for support, collaboration, and learning. We have support forums and groups.

Members can create their own profiles, message each other, update their status, embed photos and videos, get support via groups and forums, access training via documents, articles, videos, and live training. We wanted to make this community worth while giving our clients as much value as possible. We want people who are willing to collaborate with other professionals like yourself.

Custom Profiles

Create your own profile with profile image, business and personal info. Have your own personal inbox to communicate with other members and have your own activity feed where you can change your status and also comment on other members activity.

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Simple Training

The members area will have a dedicated portion for training. Where we will add new content such as articles, videos, tutorials, and live training so you can stay up to date on how to take full advantage of the internet for your business.

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Groups & Forums

We also added groups and forums to the members area to give you an awesome support system to allow yourself, other members, and Localtized to address any issues you or other members might face. It also give members the opportunity to brainstorm on how to grow the community in an effective way such as creating new software, apps, or tools that can be shared with the entire community.

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