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Features: Groups & Forums

Social Support 300x300 Groups & Forums

Using standard email and phone support are things of the past. The internet is revolutionizing everything we do and that includes support for products and services. We have integrated forums and groups into the members area to give every member the best customer support possible.

Forums not only let you interact with our team but with other members because everyone can contribute to problems to give a better solution. Also having a forum keeps a data base of useful content for members to look for so it makes it easier on the members and our team.

We also integrated a feature called groups. Groups allows members to collaborate on specific topics. Also groups have the ability for members to create, share, and edit documents for the entire community to read.


Localtized Forums 300x175 Groups & Forums

participate in our online forums to help solve problems and have yours answered. We make support social, fun, and educational. With forums it makes it easy to answer multiple questions at the same time. Many members may have the same questions or problems.


Groups 300x198 Groups & Forums

collaborate with other members on specific topics to achieve common goals. Create and share, edit, and share documents with the group. Come up with ideas for new software, apps, and tools to have developed for the community as a whole.

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