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Local Business Marketing That Works

Local Maps Listing 300x226 Local Business Marketing That WorksDid you know that most of online searches today are people looking for local businesses? The real question is can your business be found on the internet? The search engines are always tweaking their system to give their users a better experience and put them in front of the most relevant results.

Maybe you noticed that when you search for a service, restaurant, or any other keywords that could be an indicator of a local search term Google and other search engines are giving you phrases to search for before you even finish typing your phrase based off your location.

From the video above you can see how it automatically give you a reference on what to click. Also you will notice that Google map listings are replacing the top results for local search terms. Google have been doing this for some time now followed by Yahoo and Bing as well.

There is a science to making sure you list your Google places and other listing all over the internet properly. Localtized has built all it’s services around this fundamental strategy that is key to getting the best results.

We list your business on hundreds of key sites and keep all information consistent on all sites. Why is this important? It gives your business more credibility in the online world. Google, Yahoo, and Bing (The Big 3) reference these sites and try and match their databases with the other directory sites to see if the information is the same and how credible your business is to give their users the best search experience.

The problem is 99% of business owners are not very savvy when it comes to the online world of local business marketing and setting up their business on these sites. If they were submit their business to all the sites that we do and with the same meticulous detail then they would be spending close to 100 hours of their time to do this! Whoa whoa 100 hours? Yes that is right because we distribute to hundreds and hundreds of sites and we have a big enough team that can handle this work for you.

Do you really want to waste 100 of hours of your life on something that most people would want to strangle themselves to death from the boredom? I didn’t think so that is why we developed Localtized. It’s the easiest way to maximize your online exposure in one place without breaking the bank. We have multiple packages you can pick from to meet your budget.

If you would like to see all our amazing features feel free to check them out here: FEATURES

Also check out our different local business marketing packages

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