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Market Online Or Get Left Behind

phonebook death Market Online Or Get Left Behind

I remember growing up while my father owned his own business. In those days the internet was not around. You could pay to advertise in phone books and other print type media and get tons of business.

Lets fast forward to 2011. We live in a different world in these days. No one is using phone books they are DEAD. I know many businesses that are throwing thousands of dollars down the drain on phone book advertising. If you are one of these businesses making this crucial mistake then I’m talking to YOU.

More than 90% of people now look on the internet or cell phones when they are looking for restaurants, services, shops and everything in between.

Can your business be found on the internet? Are you getting fewer and fewer calls? If so then your business can’t be found on the internet, cell phones or GPS systems.

Local business marketing has taken almost a 100% shift to digital media vs print. If you are serious about staying in business and even growing your business you need to take advantage of these mediums. This is why Localtized is so important.

We help your business be found on hundreds of digital access points saving you hundreds of hours of your life of trying to learn and submit your business to these places. We have gotten 200+ sites and businesses on the first pages of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These are just 3 of the biggest sites out of the hundreds we get you listed on.

We have developed a proven system that can help any business. We have very affordable pricing

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